How is the content created for my specific keyword or landing page?

How is the content created for my specific keyword or landing page?

One of the most important parts of our entire process is making sure that we are providing good content for our clients’ links.

Quality of content matters to Google now more than ever. Authority and relevance are key factors in how Google values content which is why we write quality content in order to give the backlinks more weight.

To understand how we come up with article topics, think of a target. If the keyword you give us is the center of the target, the main topic of the article will be the outside of the target. For example, if the keyword is Toyota Camry– instead of writing an article about why Toyota makes the best cars, we would write about Cross Country traveling and include the car we used, the Toyota Camry. This type of article and keyword mention appears much more organic in Google’s eyes.

With that in mind, here’s how the process for creating content works. 

You tell us which page (or pages) on your site you want to see rank better, as well as the keyword(s) that you want to target.

We then create custom content that is carefully tailored to be highly relevant for each link. This means:

  • Relevant to the keyword
  • Relevant to users searching for that keyword and reading the content
  • Relevant to the site that we are posting the content to

We will include a link in that content using anchor text that is also highly relevant.

We then work with our partners to get that content on sites that pass our strict criteria. We have a large network of partnerships with sites in all industries, and each follows our strict criteria.

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