SEO Content Writing Services

Get high-quality content that both users and search engines love.

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What SEO Content Writing Services Do We Offer?

Content Briefs/Outlines

Receive content outlines with everything your team will need to craft SEO-optimized content.

Optimized SEO Articles

Get 100% unique SEO-optimized content that performs.

Content Optimizations

Sometimes all your content needs is a refresh. Send us your current content, and we’ll optimize it with what’s ranking.

Our SEO Content Writing Process

1. Order


Select the number of pages and word count on your order. You’ll then provide us with your suggested keywords for the content piece.

2. Content Creation


Our In-house team of writers will then create your high-quality content. We’ll write copy both users and search engines will love.

3. Portal


Once your content is complete, we’ll notify via email and through the client portal. In your portal, you’ll be able to view and download your content.

What Makes BASE’s SEO Content Writing Service Better?

High Quality

We pride ourselves on our exceptionally high-quality writing. We understand that the content on your site is there to serve your audience. This means it needs to be well-written, informational, and unique. For many users, this content may be their first interaction with your brand. We aim to ensure every piece of content provides the best first impression possible and will continue to drive traffic to your business. Unlike other SEO Content writing services, BASE makes no concessions.  

In-House Writers

At BASE, we use only the best in-house writers. All 100% U.S. based, 100% real. We don’t offload your content to anyone outside the US or to any bots. This way, we can ensure all the content we write meets our standards and your standards. This also means our content can be changed quickly to meet your audience’s needs if they change.    


With well over 15 years in the industry, we understand how SEO works, inside and out. We know it can be a tricky business. We also know the best way to handle these changing landscapes is with a partner who knows what they’re doing. Our SEO content writing service has driven results for hundreds of clients. Whether you’re a small business looking to get noticed, or a huge company trying to beat the competition, our SEO content writing service and strategy will help you reach your goals.

SEO Content Writing Services Pricing

No Contracts. No Minimum Purchase. 5-7 Business Day Turnaround Time.

Content Briefs/Outlines


Focus Keyword Recommendations

Semantic Analysis Terms

Word Count Recommendations

H1 Recommendation

Title Tag Recommendation

Meta Description Recommendation

People Also Ask Questions Review

Suggested Content Outline

Optimized SEO Articles

Starting at 500 words for


Focus Keyword Inclusion

Semantic Analysis Keyword Inclusion

People Also Ask Questions Review

H1 Tag Optimization

Title Tag Optimization

1-3 Topic Coverage

2 Revisions

Content Optimizations

Starting at


Focus Keyword Inclusion

Semantic Analysis Terms Inclusion

Word Count Adjustment Based on SERP Recommendations

H1 Optimization

Title Tag Optimization

Meta Description Optimization

People Also Ask Questions Addressed

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Questions About Our SEO Content Writing Services?

Check out our FAQ Section about our SEO content writing services.