“What It Takes To Rank” Tool

Find out exactly how many backlinks you need.

*For now this report will only work for English-based websites.

How It Works

No other tool in the industry compiles a more comprehensive, competitive backlink report like this—with combined data backed by Ahrefs, Palomar and SEMrush. Submit a target keyword and a target landing page, and discover:

  • The number of backlinks each of your top SERP competitor pages have
  • The average Domain Rating of all top SERP competitor links
  • The growth (or link velocity) of all top SERP competitors’ links in the past 12 months
  • Deficits in links and average DR for your target page
  • Custom link recommendations to surpass top SERP competitors

What Do Reports Look Like?

Take a look for yourself! (Click to expand the image)

How to Use This Tool

You need to rank up keywords that will move business forward, but the competitive SEO landscape is stronger than ever. By discovering the top-10 results for your target keywords and analyzing their specific strengths and weaknesses, you can make intelligent decisions to beat them out.

All you have to do is submit a target keyword and your page that you want to rank for this keyword. We’ll generate a report for you within 24 hours with the data you need to make the most impactful backlinking decisions possible.

What to Do With the Results

At the bottom of this “How Many Links to Rank” report, we will outline the ideal backlinking schedule you should follow in order to compete among the top-10 SERP competitors. We break down this schedule by Domain Rating targets (i.e. you’ll need 4-6 backlinks with a DR of ~30, 2-4 backlinks with a DR of ~40, etc.).

From there, it’s simple—BASE generates high-quality backlinks for some of the largest companies in the world. Schedule a call with us to discuss your report results and a specific game plan to help you compete.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

There are reportedly hundreds of ranking factors that influence Google’s algorithm—everything from page speeds to crawlability, from content quality to internal link depth. Each ranking factor has varying importance from SERP to SERP (Search Engine Results Page). However, a constant and essential ranking factor is backlinking.

Many experts believe backlinking to be among the top-3 ranking factors that Google analyzes when prioritizing its responses to user queries. Backlinks establish “external” credibility.

Find Out What It’ll Take For You to Rank