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Discover new content opportunities that your competitors are ranking for but you are not.

*For now this report will only work for English-based websites. Fill out the form for your first free report.

How It Works

Taking the direct competitors you provide, we identify a prioritized list of keywords that multiple competitors rank for, but you do not.

Each of the keywords represents an opportunity for new content and organic growth. Within each report you will find:

  • 25 new content opportunities
  • The average monthly search volume for each keyword
  • The average rank 1 potential traffic you can receive for each keyword
  • The difficulty to rank scores ranging from 1 to 100 (low to high) for each keyword. 
  • The rank position for each one of your competitors for the specific keywords

What Do The Reports Look Like?

Take a look for yourself! (Click to expand the image)

Sample report for: Hubspot

Sample report for: AT&T

Sample report for: Vivint

How to Use This Tool

In the form above, submit your domain (ie., and 3 of your competitor’s domains. Make sure to choose competitors that offer services similar if not exactly the same as yours. This helps ensure that it doesn’t pull keywords for services you don’t offer.

What makes this a prioritized list?

Instead of simply pulling a list of keywords that you don’t rank for (like other reports), we only chose 25 keywords that will not only help you create new content but will also help your organic growth.

We specifically take into account keywords that have the following criteria:

  • High monthly volume
  • High potential rank 1 traffic
  • Low difficulty to rank scores
  • High cost per click (an indicator of a high-quality keyword that people are willing to pay for)

What to Do With the Results

You now either start writing the content yourself (for all 25 keywords recommended) or outsource any of the content pieces to a content agency (like BASE) to get started. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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