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Link building is arguably the most important piece of SEO. But it’s also been the most abused with unethical practices. Links built by breaking Google’s best practices will end up hurting your site tremendously rather than helping it. That’s why you need to make sure your link building agency has a solid process that checks out….

You know you need to implement a backlink strategy to be successful with SEO, but how do you measure the results of link building to make sure the strategy is effective? As SEO experts, we understand the importance of measuring results. Digital marketing is the most measurable and attributable type of marketing. That said, there are a few key metrics that show the effectiveness of backlinks…

The two things you need to consider when choosing which landing pages to build links to are: the value of the page and the keyword opportunities for the page. Every website has pages that are more valuable than others, and you don’t want to waste SEO efforts on pages that don’t provide value…

Link building services usually fall into one of two camps: high quality (more expensive) and low quality (less expensive). So, with a set budget you could buy either a handful of high quality links or a lot of low quality links. But which is better?

The number of backlinks that will get you results depends on the SEO competition for the keywords you want to rank for as well as your current domain authority and competitors in your industry. These factors help us estimate how many backlinks we need to build initially in order to see results, but the backlink strategy doesn’t end there….

Anchor text is important in building links, as it tells Google that what you are linking to is relevant to the topic being linked. So the question then becomes, what is the “correct” ratio of exact match anchor text, according to best practices? ….

There are many different factors that make up the quality of a backlink. Things like the MOZ domain authority are important metrics to keep in mind but they dont tell the full story ….

One of the most important parts of our entire process is making sure that we are providing good content for our clients’ links. Authority and relevance are key factors in how Google values content which is why we write quality content in order to give the backlinks more weight…

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