SEO you don’t have to think about

You know that better rankings = more traffic = more revenue. That’s exactly what we do, and we’ve been helping businesses improve their search rankings for more than ten years.

Be found    Increase traffic    Boost sales

3X revenue for Shine Cosmetics

In less than 60 days after implementing our recommendations, we saw significant jumps on the two pages we worked on.

These traffic increases lead to an increase in transactions giving them a 200% increase in revenue for their lip gloss page compared to the previous month. All from organic traffic!


Increase in new users on their lip gloss page


Increase in new users on their concealer page


Increase in revenue from previous month


Services start at just $1000 and range up to $2000/month. If you have a business and you want to be found online, give us a call.

What you get: The specifics

Every business gets the following when you work with us:


If you could boil Google’s algorithm down to just one thing, it would be backlinks. Sites with more links that point to them get more traffic from Google.

  Keyword Research and Tracking

Our keyword research report uses best-in-class tools so you can relax and know that it’s working for you. Once we’ve identified the right keywords for your business, we continue to monitor them over time to make sure that no threats sneak up on you.

   Page Optimizations

We pick the juiciest target pages on your site, and make them more find-able by Google and other search engines.

   Competitive Analysis

We leverage search algorithms to unpack where your competition is doing well – so you can hop on and take over. It sounds evil, but it isn’t personal, it’s just business.

   Technical Site Audit

We’re like mechanics but for your website. We find out what’s wrong, and then work to fix it. A tip-top running website is what your business deserves.

   Reporting and Phone calls

We will give you regular, detailed-but-easy-to-understand reports so you can see how your traffic is improving, and where those improvements are coming from. Every month, you can hop on the phone with one of our experts and hear about what we have done, and even better, what we’ve got planned.

In addition to the stuff above, we also offer this:

   Local Citations

With local citations, you will show up when someone searches for a particular locale. If you’re a carpet cleaner in Albuquerque, you want to be found when people search for “carpet cleaner in Albuquerque.”

  Google My Business Optimizations

We’ll manage your online presence, leveraging this location-based SEO strategy.

What makes BASE better for SEO?

100% US-Based

Yep, you read it right. No offshore or outsourced labor.


We’re not just web-monkeys, we know SEO from top to bottom. Ten years experience in the industry.

10+ years of partnerships

You get access to our partner database we’ve been building for over 10 years.

Only the best domains

Just 5% of partner sites we prospect meet our quality metrics. We’re picky because you deserve it.

Only useful work

It doesn’t mean much if you sell shoes but get a top ranking for “moss farmers in Page, Arizona”. We don’t pad our outcomes with vanity or garbage results.

Useful technical SEO

We don’t make changes for change’s sake. Our technical work will improve your site in ways that help your site drive business.

Proven optimization strategies

We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we know what works.

Get started now: our process


Talk to representative

(They’re nice!)


We begin keyword research

We apply our experience to discover the best places for you to be found in search.


Kickoff call and site audit

We’ll share what we’ve learned and our plan to make a difference in your business.


Regular reporting and implementation

We keep you informed what’s happening.

Maybe you’ve seen us around