SEO Audit Service

The ultimate tool for gut-checking and turbo-charging your website’s SEO strategy!

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What is BASE’s SEO Audit Service?

This SEO Audit Service is the ultimate tool for turbo-charging your website’s ranking game!

It utilizes cutting-edge technology to crawl through various on and off-page aspects of your site to gain a clear sense of what’s needed to improve your site’s overall SEO approach.

Say goodbye to endless hours of manually combing through your website and trying to decipher confusing analytics reports. The SEO Audit makes it easy to pinpoint exactly where to focus your efforts with its fresh site crawl data and up-to-the-minute SEO data.

Once you receive your audit, BASE can help you implement all link and content-related action items while your internal SEO team handles the technical fixes needed to improve your site’s overall SEO strategy.

Our SEO Audit Writing Process

1. Order The Audit


Once you create a portal login, you’ll navigate over to the ‘SEO Audit Service’ product and provide us with the following information:

  • Your website domain URL.
  • Your top 3 Competitors’ URLs.
  • The top 3 terms your audience would search in preparation to buy their products/services.

2. Create The Audit


Our in-house team will:

  • Crawl all HTML pages on your website.
  • Get a PageSpeed performance score for each of these HTML pages.
  • Pull up a performance report for each page that requires further improvement.
  • Retrieve SEO performance data on your website from Ahrefs based on the last 3 months.
  • Begin the process of analyzing your website’s on and off-page data that we have access to.

3. Receive Your Report


Once your report is complete, you’ll receive a notification in the portal indicating that your report is ready to view with possible next steps.

Each slide will contain an explanation of what we found + possible next steps for improving these areas of the website. If you have questions about the report, feel free to contact us via the portal’s messaging system.

BASE will help you put into action all link and content-related action items while your internal SEO team takes care of the technical fixes needed to improve your site’s overall SEO strategy.

SEO Audit Service Pricing

No Contracts. No Minimum Purchase. Just everything you need to improve your SEO Strategy.

SEO Audit


New Content Opportunities

Content Optimization Opportunities

Potential Link Building Targets

Technical SEO Recommendations

Turnaround time of 5-8 business days

What Does BASE’s SEO Audit Service Include? 

We understand that the health of a website is an ever-evolving thing. To get a clear sense of the actions an SEO team can take, we crawl the site to pull in the performance of key on-page/technical SEO configurations for the site.

We also analyze the change in the site’s SEO performance over a 3-month period to asses where your strengths and weakness lie regarding your overall SEO strategy.

This is all aggregated in the report we send over once the audit is complete. Each slide will include the specific pages and relevant data needed to take action and improve the overall SEO strategy.

Questions About Our SEO Audit Service?

Check out our FAQ Section about our SEO Audit Service.