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 Gain More Patients With Chiropractic SEO Services

What is Chiropractic SEO?

It’s been said that chiropractic medicine is the backbone of good health (pun very much intended). Around the world, people of all walks of life are recognizing the importance of maintaining the essential bodily structures we all depend on. And that’s fantastic! But it also means that more and more chiropractic services are emerging to meet this growing demand.

Currently, there are approximately 70,000 chiropractic businesses in the US alone. On top of that, the term “chiropractors near me” is being searched about 200,000 times every month! In other words, there’s demand, people are searching, but there’s also a big crowd of local competitors that your chiropractic practice will need to rise above before you can really get cracking.

If you’re not ranking online, you’re most likely missing out on qualified visitors and the kinds of patients who could benefit from your services. Chiropractor SEO may be the answer. Grow your practice, generate new customers, and increase online authority with dedicated, data-driven SEO for your chiropractic practice.

Why Does My Practice Need Chiropractic SEO?

Chiropractic SEO is the process of enhancing your website in order to help you appear further up the results page on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And, since 70% of all clicks go to the top five search results (not including ads), ranking well allows your site to be seen by more qualified page visitors who are ready to start booking appointments. With chiropractor SEO, we can help you position your practice online where your future patients can easily find it.

Increase new patients

Increase booked appointments

Build brand awareness

Turn website visitors into patients

Grow your practice

Outrank your competitors

Reduce reliance on expensive ads

First Watch

– Client Work –

In just 3 months, First Watch saw a 12.97% increase in site-wide organic traffic as well as a 60.68% increase in organic revenue. All from organic traffic!


– Client Work –

With almost 4,000 different pages for each location on its site, BASE helped Chem-Dry reach the top of the search engine for its core industry terms leading to a 30% increase in qualified, converting traffic to their site.

Specific SEO Services for Chiropractic Practices


Effective chiropractor SEO isn’t a shot in the dark; it’s a precise, deliberate approach that depends on quantifiable data and comprehensive marketing research. In order to get your site where you want it to go, we need to first know where it stands. We’ll do an in-depth analysis of your site, your competitors, and your industry to understand how to best help your chiropractic practice rank online.

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Selection

Google Maps Audit


Using proprietary software, we’ll work with you to execute your personalized SEO strategy, focusing both on the low-hanging fruit opportunities, as well as more in-depth methodologies to boost your long-term growth. Your plan will include proven strategies and tactics that help turn searches into clicks, and web traffic into patients.

Technical Website Audit

Google Business Profile Check

Tracking & Reporting Setup


With the right foundation in place, we’ll be in a prime position to take your personalized chiropractor-SEO strategy to the next level. We’ll continually analyze and optimize your site in order to stay ahead of the competition and to make sure that you remain relevant and visible to your audience.

Page Optimizations

Backlink Acquisition

Citation Generation

Website Technical Optimization


Not everything of value can be counted. That said, It can be difficult to improve what you don’t measure. That’s why we make tracking, analyzing, and reporting on your site’s progress one of our top priorities. We provide simple-to-follow documentation detailing your results and digging down deep into a number of vital metrics, including organic traffic, keyword rankings, new visitors, average session duration, and more. These monthly reports provide a visual experience, allowing you to easily see the numbers and track your site’s progress.

Attract More Patients with BASE’s Chiropractor SEO Services

A good SEO strategy is a critical investment for the long-term success of your chiropractic practice! We’re here to help you every step of the way. Our approach to SEO for chiropractors is designed for full search engine visibility, boosting your ROI, and connecting you with the people who matter most. Request a free consultation today, and together, let’s grow your business.


Here are some common questions about Chiropractic SEO.

What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and involves creating and optimizing sites and pages for increased visibility in search engines. SEO’s major focus is to get the right content in front of the right people at the right time. Properly positioned, SEO can speak to visitors and potential visitors wherever they are in their customer journey. SEO focuses on addressing the right search-term relevant topics, providing usable, engaging page content, and supporting these efforts with high-quality backlinks in compliance with search-engine guidelines to help improve page authority and increase site visibility.

How can chiropractic SEO help me attract new patients?

As with any medical practice, you can’t treat your patients if your patients can’t find you. The right SEO strategy helps ensure that when the people who need you start looking, your site is front and center on the search engines they use.

How long until I see results from chiropractic SEO?

Some things are worth waiting for, and when it comes to Chiropractic SEO, the wait is worth the outcome. Because every SEO strategy we build is personalized according to the practice’s needs, you can generally start seeing results within 4-6 months of execution. As you go through the SEO process, your leads and revenue will improve along the way.

Does social media help SEO?

Although social media helps increase brand exposure, social media alone does not contribute to SEO rankings.

What does your pricing structure for chiropractic SEO look like?

Our SEO packages start at $1,500/month and go up from there based on your budget and current SEO needs.

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