Ping Identity

Ping Identity is an identity security company that helps prevent security breaches for enterprise-level companies.

At Ping Identity, they champion the unique identity needs of enterprises and simplify how they deliver secure and seamless digital experiences for their workforce and customers.


Increase in raw keywords ranking naturally


Increase in traffic over the course of 5 months


30 keywords jumped to ranks 1-3 over the course of 5 months


Ping Identity was having radical fluctuations in ranking for a few of their terms. One URL would rank on page one for a week and then bounce down to page five while a different page of theirs took the page one spot.

They also had multiples pages ranking for the same keywords making it confusing for Google’s algorithm to rank those pages.


In order to increase the relevance and authority for Ping’s URLs, BASE pushed specific backlinks to their main pages and main keywords. This also signaled to google which pages to rank for. Backlinks combined with internal linking to the focus URLs did the trick.


Ping Identity was able to gain a stable top 5 position for their focus URLs and their main keywords.

All with the help of link building!

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