Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor is a lawn care provider with 50 years of experience combining innovative technology with custom lawn-care solutions—all via 570 locally managed franchises.

The idea is that by existing as part of the community, Lawn Doctor franchises will be more invested in their customers’ success than some faceless, national landscaping company might be. A tech-savvy lawn-care solution that actually cares about your yard and your community? That’s what we call a grass-roots approach.


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic conversions


Increase in conversion rates


Struggling to receive an influx of customers during what should have been its busiest season, Spring and Summer, Lawn Doctor needed to reach out to its key audience organically through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


With a little over three months before the start of Lawn Doctor’s peak season, BASE jumped in with local and national SEO tactics targeting both broad and specific keywords.


Where once 26% of Lawn Doctor’s targeted keywords were ranking within the top three positions nationally, BASE’s efforts saw that number jump to 55%, with one-fourth of all targeted keywords achieving the #1 spot in search results!

Lawn Doctor’s bounce rate also dropped by 20% meaning that more qualified leads were finding their way to the site.

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