As a franchise, Chem-Dry is widely recognized as the world’s leading carpet cleaning business with over 4,000 locations across 50 different countries.


Increase in total YoY traffic


Increase in YoY organic traffic


Increase in new visitors compared to the previous year


With almost 4,000 different pages for each location on its site, Chem-Dry struggled to be on top of the search engine for core industry terms.


Optimizing 4,000 different pages for unique keywords would have been too time-consuming and labor-intensive to lead to any long-term, compounding wins. Instead, BASE started with the most essential.

BASE optimized key landing pages and built high-quality backlinks, solidifying page authority for both local and national searches.



Chem-Dry now ranks within the top five search results across all of its top carpet cleaning keywords leading to a 30% increase in qualified, converting traffic to their site!

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