White Label Content: Getting Fresh Content from an Outside Source

by | June 27, 2023

You’ve probably heard the news: content is king. Everyone needs fresh content for their website, social media, and more. Writing is how you converse with your customers; it’s how you show that you have a voice and interesting things to say. With marketing being so fast-paced, it’s hard to keep up with your content—especially with all the other marketing elements on your plate. 

That’s why so many companies rely on outsourcing. Outsourcing to an outside white label content writer allows you to keep up. Read on to learn more about white label content, the benefits of using it, when to consider if it’s right for you, and how it works here at BASE.

What Is White Label Content? 

White label content is anything written or created by a third party that can be used by your organization as its own. White label content can come from a copywriter, a marketing agency, or even a freelancer. Once they’ve written you branded content, you are then free to circulate it and use it as your own—and in whatever way suits your business. It’s cool, it’s legal, and it’s fast. 

What Are the Benefits of White Label Content? 

Using white label content is actually beneficial for so many companies. Let’s dive into some of the major benefits of utilizing white label content: 

Increases brand visibility

White label content is almost always SEO optimized. You’re not just paying to have great content; you’re paying for great content that’ll rank higher. By hiring experts that know how to create SEO-optimized content, you will increase your SERP ranking which will increase your brand visibility. 

Costs less than in-house

Hiring a full-time employee with benefits costs a lot more than hiring a third-party service provider. You have to pay them a salary and provide training and equipment. It’s a lot cheaper to pay a fee to an outside writing expert. Outsourcing to a white label content writer will save you lots of time and money. 

Gives you high-quality content

You are working with experts that will deliver high-quality content. So you’re not just paying for words on a page. You’re getting actual content that’s written by a trained professional. They will also ensure that your content ranks in the SERP. That’s worth a lot in a world where content still is king. 

Saves time

You save time by not writing your own content. Writing great content takes time and energy. If you can’t do it yourself, then you have to spend the time looking for people to expand your in-house team. Using white label content keeps you from having to spend time creating content or looking for expert writers to hire. Instead, you can focus on the other parts of your business. 

Expands your offerings

With the extra time and resources you are gaining from hiring a third-party provider, you are able to expand your offerings as a company. You can instead spend time offering more beneficial services that’ll grow your company. This can be particularly beneficial for digital marketing agencies looking to grow. 

Allows you to focus more on your business

You have a lot going on already; you don’t need to be dealing with content. When you use white label content, you can focus more on sales, performance, customer relationships, and other key aspects that make your business unique. 

When to Consider Hiring a White Label Content Agency

Those benefits are powerful. Still, how do you know when your company should consider hiring a white label content agency? Here are three instances where white label content isn’t just nice; it’s a game changer: 

When you have a limited budget

If you have a limited content budget, outsourcing to a white label content agency is cheaper than trying to manage it all in-house. You’ll save your team money by outsourcing, so you can instead keep your budget money for other important business endeavors. 

You need steady content

Hiring a white label content team ensures that you will have a steady flow of content, and help you provide your audience with high-quality content to answer their questions. Steady content is a great way to keep your presence strong and to make sure you’re providing a good experience for your customers. White label content makes that easy. 

You need an expert’s view

You’re an expert on a lot, but white label content writers are experts in the art and science of writing. You’ll get the benefits of having an expert writer creating your content. It’ll be fresh, interesting, and well-written. You also benefit from an outside perspective. It can get difficult to come up with new content ideas when you have limited knowledge of the subject. Outsourcing your content can help you get an expert’s view. 

How It Works to Outsource Your White Label Content to BASE

BASE Search Marketing is a white label content agency. We provide high-quality content services that will give you fresh, well-written content that’s SEO optimized. Let’s look into the steps for outsourcing your content to BASE: 

  1. Sign up for a free account on our online portal
    1. Easy! Accounts are free, and they’ll allow you to browse all of our white label content offerings, so you can find the best fit for your business. 
  2. Browse our products 
    1. View pricing for each of our different content options. There are several content categories. You can have your content SEO refreshed, or you can choose a variety of different content lengths for our in-house writers to create for you.
  3. Select your content choices
    1. Select the number of pages and word count for your order. Then provide us with a specific keyword for your content piece.
    2. BASE is an a-la-cart company meaning you only pay for the amount of content you need. There are no contracts and order minimums. We understand that there are times when you might not need to outsource any content and times when you’ll need to outsource a lot. With BASE you can order what you need!
  4. Track your orders 
    1. You’ll receive updates and reports all in your portal that you can access with your free account. 
    2. BASE has a team of in-house writing experts with over 15 years in the industry. We only write SEO optimized content to rank in SERPs. They’ll have your content ready to go in less than a week. 

Why You Should Use BASE for Your White Label Content Writing

White label content is so powerful. It’s a great way to get fresh content quickly without having to overextend your own business or hire an in-house team. With white label content, you get all the benefits of that in-house team without having to pay for it. 

Instead of hiring an expensive in-house team, you should try BASE writing! 

BASE writers have 15 years of experience in the industry, and they’re a US, native English-speaking team. They’re highly trained with degrees in writing and content creation. They’re also trained in creating SEO-optimized content, so you don’t just get fresh content; you get content that’s also going to rank higher. 

Plus with BASE, you don’t have to sign a contract, you don’t have to buy a certain number of words, and you don’t have to buy every month. You can request content when you need it and get a high-quality piece of content back quickly. 

Outsourcing your content increases brand visibility, ensures a steady content flow, and can save your company time and money.

So get started with BASE writing today! Contact us for more information. 



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