How Do You Know Which Landing Pages and Keywords to Target for Link Building?

by | March 04, 2022

In order to reap the most from link building, there needs to be a strategy behind it. But how do you decide which pages on your site to build links to, and how do you know which keywords to use for those links?

The simple answer is: the pages you want to rank and the keywords you want those pages to rank for.

But, since you’re reading this, you probably need a little more guidance than that. We’ll give you our tips on how to choose which pages and keywords to target with link building.

Which Landing Pages Should You Build Links To?

The two things you need to consider when choosing which landing pages to build links to are: the value of the page and the keyword opportunities for the page. Every website has pages that are more valuable than others, and you don’t want to waste SEO efforts on pages that don’t provide value.

Valuable pages are the ones that lead users to a purchase. However, it’s important to remember that valuable pages don’t have to be product or service pages. Blog posts can provide middle-of-funnel or top-of-funnel value by building users’ interest in your product/service.

Once you’ve determined which pages are valuable and which aren’t, you need to figure out which valuable pages have good keyword opportunities. Keyword opportunities can be keywords that the page is already ranking for that you want to move up, or keywords that the page isn’t ranking for yet that you want it to rank for.

We’ll explain how to choose keywords next.

Which Keywords Should You Build Backlinks For?

There are many tools out there that will show you keyword metrics which usually include Search Volume and Keyword Difficulty. The higher the search volume, the more traffic you can potentially get from ranking for that keyword. The lower the difficulty, the less backlinks it will take to rank for that keyword. Therefore, you want to look for keywords with relatively high search volume and relatively low difficulty.

Hopefully, through this process you find so many opportunities for your site that you can’t build links for all of them at once. In that case, prioritize the opportunities and work on two or three at a time. Once your best opportunities start seeing results, you can move on to the next. But don’t neglect the keywords that got results. You need to continue to build links to those pages periodically so you won’t lose your rankings.

Whether you choose the landing pages and keywords on your own or are looking for help crafting your link building strategy, BASE can help.

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