What is Newsjacking?

by | July 03, 2024

As a digital marketer, your #1 goal is to keep your brand in the spotlight. You’ve heard about newsjacking as a way to help you do just that.  But what exactly is newsjacking, and how can it help your brand stay relevant and engaging?

Newsjacking involves capitalizing on trending news stories and injecting your brand into the conversation. By doing so, you can snag the attention of a wider audience and ride the wave of public interest. To make it work, marketers must be quick, smart, and strategic.

Key Elements of Newsjacking

Real-time Relevance

When it comes to newsjacking, timing is everything. Breaking news is only relevant for a short period, so you need to respond swiftly when an opportunity appears. This means staying on top of current events and being ready to act at a moment’s notice. The faster you react, the more likely your content will get noticed. Jumping on trending topics increases your visibility and positions your brand as current and in-the-know.

Strategic Alignment

Newsjacking is all about aligning your brand with the right stories, at the right time. Your efforts should reflect your brand’s values and messaging. Authenticity is key – if your content feels forced or irrelevant, it can do more harm than good. Make sure your newsjacking efforts resonate with your audience and fit naturally with your brand’s voice.

Creative Execution

Creativity sets you apart in the crowded digital space. When newsjacking, your content needs to be engaging and shareable. Incorporate humor or wit to make your message stand out and encourage social sharing. Think outside the box and create content that informs and entertains.

Benefits of Newsjacking

Increased Brand Awareness

Newsjacking is a powerful tool for boosting brand awareness. Tapping into popular news stories helps your brand reach a much wider audience. This increased visibility can then boost brand recognition and help build authority and credibility. The more people see your brand associated with timely and relevant content, the more they’ll start to recognize and trust you.

Enhanced Engagement

One of the biggest perks of newsjacking is the potential for increased engagement. News-related content tends to spark conversations and interactions. When you join the discussion, you invite your audience to engage with your brand, whether through comments, shares, or likes. This drives user interaction and fosters a sense of community around your brand.

Improved SEO

Newsjacking can also give your SEO efforts a significant boost. Creating timely content around trending topics allows for capitalization on high-traffic keywords. This can improve your search engine visibility and drive more organic traffic to your site. Fresh, relevant content is always favored by search engines.

Best Practices for Effective Newsjacking

Monitoring News Cycles

To become a newsjacking pro, you need to stay informed. Use tools and resources to keep an eye on breaking news and trending topics. Set up alerts for relevant industry news to ensure you’re always in the loop. The more informed you are, the quicker you can act when a newsworthy opportunity arises.

Seizing Opportunities

Not every news story will be a good fit for your brand. Identify news that aligns with your messaging and audience interests. Once you find the right story, act swiftly and thoughtfully to create content that adds value and insight. Quick, thoughtful responses can turn a fleeting moment into a significant marketing win.

Measuring Success

To understand the impact of your newsjacking efforts, track key metrics like engagement, reach, and conversion rates. Analyze how your newsjacking content performs compared to your regular content. This will help you refine your strategy and maximize the benefits of future newsjacking opportunities.


Newsjacking can become a dynamic and effective strategy for keeping your brand relevant and engaging in today’s fast-paced media landscape. By understanding its key elements and following best practices, you can leverage breaking news to boost your brand’s visibility, engagement, and SEO. Stay informed, act swiftly, and create authentic, engaging content to make the most of this powerful marketing tool.




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