What is a White Label Link Building Service and How Does it Benefit You?

by | December 15, 2022

In the world of SEO link building remains one of the best strategies to build toward your client’s goals. Of course, the more clients you have, the more backlinks you need to build, and the harder it becomes to keep up with it all. Fortunately, there are strategies to help your agency avoid a large backup of backlinks. The main strategy is to use a white label link building service. But what is a white label link building service? Is it beneficial for an agency to use this kind of service? Don’t worry, we have all the answers you need to help your agency continue to grow and build the best links possible.

What is a White Label Link Building Service?

White label link building is the practice of hiring a third party to help your agency build backlinks for its clients. So then, a white label link building service would be the third party offering to build the backlinks for your agency. White label link building is something that many agencies take advantage of for a multitude of reasons. At the end of the day, your clients won’t necessarily care where the backlinks are coming from as long as they are high quality, relevant, and provide results.

Why might an agency use a white label link building service? The need for a white label link building service will vary from agency to agency. However, we’ve determined a few that tend to come up the most often. First, the agency is looking for high-quality links and doesn’t necessarily possess the expertise to provide them. This isn’t a bad thing. In digital marketing, it makes sense for agencies to specialize in specific disciplines based on the needs of their clients. Not every agency will have the capacity to create the highest quality product in every case. This is where hiring a third party can come in handy. The third party you hire may have specialized in link building specifically, so they are far more equipped to produce the high-quality links your clients are looking for. Another reason an agency may use a white label link building service is to meet the high demand for their own link-building service. If your agency is spending most of its time building links and is noticing more continuing to back up, it’s a good idea to outsource that work to a third party to make sure it is delivered in a timely manner. Finally, If an agency is interested in building links but can’t afford to build an in-house team from scratch, hiring a third party can allow them to jumpstart their link building without the overhead of hiring an entirely new team.

Why Your Agency Should Partner with a White Label Link Building Service

Now that we know more about what a white label link building service is, we can discuss some of the great benefits of using one.

One of the first and most important benefits of using a third party is the quality of links and content. Third parties that specialize in building links can help provide higher-quality links that meet specific requirements such as do-follow links, links on sites with high domain authority, and making sure those links are featured on content and sites that are relevant to your client’s audience. This ensures you and your clients get the best results possible.

Second, as we’ve discussed before, it is common for agencies to specialize in specific disciplines of digital marketing. Using a white label link building service helps your agency leverage the knowledge of a third party that has used the time and resources to become an expert in their niche. You get access to tried and true methods, while your agency can continue to focus on what they do best without needing to compromise the quality of any of the work your clients receive.

Third, it helps your agency grow. As your agency grows, it is likely you will want to expand the suite of services you offer to clients. This can take time and money. A lot of time and money. This is where using a white label link building service can really help. Using a third party to build links will be cheaper in the long run than attempting to create a department from scratch. This lowers your overhead but still allows your agency to grow and offer new services. This can also help reduce some of the risks involved with creating a new department. You can use the third party as a trial period to determine the demand your clients have for a link building service before committing to developing it at your own agency.

Not All Link Building Services are Created Equal

While there are a lot of great link building services out there, there are many that are looking to make a quick buck. These services will create poor-quality links and may even harm your SEO efforts. Here are a couple of red flags to look out for when deciding to use a third-party link builder.

First is something called a private blog network, or PBN. A PBN is a network of connected blogs that can be flooded with large quantities of low-quality links. These networks are created in a way to make it seem like they aren’t connected to fool Google, though the algorithm can still notice these networks. Using a PBN even goes against the Google Webmaster Guidelines for SEO. To tell if someone is using a PBN look through the sites they use to create backlinks and look at the quality and quantity of content. PBN sites will typically have fewer amounts of articles and they will all be poorly made with little relevance to your clients.

The second red flag is a link farm. Link farms are similar to PBNs, with one main difference. PBNs are designed to transfer link juice outside of their network, while link farms are designed to pass juice throughout their network. Having your site inserted into a link farm can hurt its SEO rankings and lose all the hard work your agency did for the client. You can identify a link farm in the same way you identify a PBN. The pages they build links on will have low Google page scores, and low-quality and irrelevant content.

The next red flag is backlinks through comments, directories, and forums. This strategy does technically put your link on high authority sites, but it doesn’t give your site any of the benefits. With this method, your link is placed in the comments of articles, on forums, or in public directories. All of these are able to be publicly edited and are blocked by Google from passing link juice between the sources.

The final red flag to look out for is unproven link builders. This will typically look like a company making huge claims about their results that seem almost impossible. The reason those results seem impossible is likely because they are. If the claims made by the company seem too good to be true, it’s better to shop around more and learn what industry averages are to better determine how good a company is.

Why You Should Choose BASE for Your White Label Link Building Service

If you are looking for a white label link building service, there is no better place than BASE Search Marketing. At BASE we have over 10 years of experience in link building and have become true experts in the space. We set ourselves apart by creating links that are high quality and relevant to your clients no matter what niche they’re in. We have no contracts and no minimum orders. Any backlinks you need we can get done within 30 days guaranteed.

It’s one thing to say we’re the best, but we have the practices to back it up. Here are some of the key metrics we look for when building links.

First, organic traffic. We make sure any site we build links on has at least 800+ traffic to make a difference for your clients. This means no spam sites, no link farms, and no PBNs. Only real sites, with real users, to boost your client’s site.

Second, we use only sites that are given 15% max Spam Scores through the Moz tool. This ensures your client’s sites won’t be harmed by sketchy black hat tactics.

Third, Relevant website content. One of the key aspects of a high-quality link is how relevant the content is around it. We make sure all of our links are built on-site with relevant content to help the rankings and prevent user confusion.
Fourth, we use domain authority to determine what sites we build links to. The higher the domain authority, the better the results will be for your clients.

Finally, all of the links we build are do-follow links. These are links that allow Google and other search engines to properly transfer any link juice to your client’s site for guaranteed results.

If you’re in need of backlinks and want to learn more, use our What it Takes to Rank report to discover what your client needs!



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