What Is a Guest Posting Service and How Can It Help Your Business?

by | July 08, 2022

Encountering the same perspective all the time can get boring fast. This is hardly news; it’s a truth that podcasts, lecture halls, talk shows, etc. have long understood. That’s why guest hosts are such a big deal — they allow presenters across various forms of media to share a new voice and new ideas with their audiences. But in the world of SEO, this concept takes on additional significance. After all, when you guest post on a blog, you’re not only connecting with its readers; you’re also gaining the opportunity to connect the publisher’s site back to your own and share in that valuable link equity.

Guest post services (also called ‘blogger outreach’) make it possible for businesses of all kinds to secure quality content placements on respected websites without having to dedicate their limited resources to networking or writing content. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at what separates top guest post services from the rest, and the benefits they can deliver for your business. But maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves; first, let’s take a look at what guest post services actually are.

What Is a Guest Post Service?

A guest post service is an SEO agency that specializes in ideating, creating, and publishing well-written and engaging content on third-party sites. As your representative, the agency takes responsibility for every stage of the guest-posting process, from communicating with site owners and working out agreements, to writing the actual content itself and including natural, appropriate hyperlinks back to your site. The end goal, of course, is to improve your site rankings by associating your pages with other high-ranking sites.

The simplified version is this: You hire a guest post agency. The agency creates and publishes content on other sites. That published content links back to your site and brings with it some of the authority and keyword relevance of the target site. Google makes note of this increased authority and improves your site rankings accordingly.

But wait, aren’t modern search-engine algorithms too smart for this kind of strategy? They are smart, and that’s why guest posting has the potential to be so effective — because when done right, guest posting is completely true to the ideals of white-hat SEO.

Is Guest Posting Still an Effective SEO Strategy?

SEO has gone through a lot of changes since the early days of Yahoo and Ask Jeeves superiority. Where once all a page needed to rank were the right keywords (and lots of them), modern search engines are designed to prevent keyword stuffing, duplicate content, doorway pages, and other spammy, misleading practices. Search algorithms are constantly being improved, and every time a new update rolls out sites whose rankings are built on exploited loopholes find themselves dropped to the bottom of the search engine results page (SERP).

But guest posting services don’t exploit loopholes; they do the opposite. They create usable content that informs and engages. These posts gather traffic organically and are capable of standing on their own merits apart from their usefulness as an SEO vehicle. They help position the publisher’s site as an expert in their niche, and in so doing they also demonstrate their association with the site. And because Google and other search engines take association into account by looking at a page’s backlink profile, the rank boost that comes from guest posting is 100% ethical.

This not only makes it a viable SEO strategy right now; it also helps protect your pages from the whims of changing search algorithms. If Google is always refining its approach to favor good content, what could be more evergreen than high-quality content hosted on a third-party site?

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Guest Posting Service?

The most obvious benefit of working with a guest posting agency is the boost to your search engine rankings. As we’ve mentioned before, building a strong backlink profile allows your site to share link equity from other sites. And although link equity is only one part of the search-rankings equation, it’s an important factor that can make a real difference in helping you attain those top positions. Guest posting helps you Increase relevancy signals for your target URL and keywords, and is perhaps the most natural and effective strategy for securing quality backlinks.

But improved rankings aren’t the only advantage. Supported by the right guest posting service, you may also:

  • Save on time and costs associated with having to create top-quality written content, allowing you to focus more of your attention on strategic concerns.
  • Delegate the arduous task of pursuing, nurturing, and maintaining your own content partnerships.
  • Boost referral traffic to your site and increase brand exposure by presenting your content and ideas to new audiences.
  • Improve social media interactions as your guest content is shared through the host sites’ various social platforms.
  • Generate valuable community feedback on your content and brand via comment sections.
  • Secure qualified sale leads as you interact with engaged communities.

What Makes a Good Guest Posting Service?

Of course, the above points are only valid when they apply to posts managed by good guest posting services. And when it comes to hiring an agency to create and find a home for guest content, not every option is the right choice.

What makes a good guest posting service? There are a lot of factors to consider, but the most relevant are those that do the following:

They Partner with Sites that Meet High SEO Standards

A large part of guest posting is networking. Building relationships with authoritative sites can help you improve your SEO standing. But just because a site has mountains of domain authority that they’re just dying to spread around, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are worth linking to.

Why not? Well, issues of topic relevance aside, some top-ranking sites might not be built on a foundation of solid SEO standards. And if their key to success is a black-hat workaround, then at some point the Google algorithm is going to catch up and send them toppling down. So, as you research guest post services, have them walk you through their process for vetting their content partners. If the agency is committed to partnering with sites that follow ethical SEO practices, then your pages will be in a better position for success.

They Are Contextual in How They Use Links

There’s more to building a backlink profile than just plugging in a hyperlink on someone else’s blog. Today’s search engines are more interested in whether the links are relevant. This means that if your guest posting agency manages to slip a backlink for your health supplement site into an article about business technologies, then you probably shouldn’t expect too much in the way of results.

Contextual links need to be embedded in content that corresponds naturally with the topic of the post. This ensures that the search engine recognizes the connection you’re trying to build. But contextuality also goes further — the anchor text itself (the clickable highlighted text that hyperlinks back to your site) needs to be intentional. That means that it should provide at least a brief description or explanation of what the user can expect once they click.

They Employ Native-Language Content Creators

No audience wants to have to work to enjoy your content. Unfortunately, when the content is written by a non-native speaker, that’s exactly what the audience ends up doing. Content written by a creator who is only partially fluent (or worse, someone who runs their foreign language content through Google translate) creates hurdles for readers. And while that alone may or may not be enough to set off alarm bells with the search engine algorithm, it is certainly enough to negatively impact the user experience.

As with most things SEO, guest posting services all come back to user experience and quality of content. Agencies that are unwilling or incapable of working with native-language speakers to generate content may charge less for their services, but will also likely end up failing to hit the mark on creating a product that can naturally accrue organic links and other important metrics.

Let BASE Be Your Ambassador

A lot is riding on your guest posts. BASE’s link building services are here to help make sure that they’re up to the task. Working exclusively with high-quality partners and only employing algorithm-approved tactics, we have the industry experience and content-creation expertise to build powerful backlink profiles for your pages. Let us be your ambassador to the sites that matter. Contact BASE today, and see just how effective a new perspective can be.



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