How Can I Make a Survey on Google Docs?

by | May 22, 2024

Google Docs surveys are a great tool for individuals and organizations to gather information, feedback, or data from a wide audience. Whether it’s for market research, customer satisfaction, educational purposes, or any other form of inquiry, Google Docs provides a flexible, easy-to-use, customizable platform for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Using Google Docs for Surveys

Ease of Access

There are lots survey tools out there, but one reason many people use Google Docs is for its ease of access. Since Google Docs is cloud-based, users can create, distribute, and analyze surveys from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have internet access. This accessibility gaurantees that surveys can reach a broad audience without geographical limitations.

Collaboration Features

The collaboration features in Google Docs are a game-changer for team-based projects. Multiple users can work on the survey simultaneously, providing real-time feedback and adjustments. This collaborative approach streamlines the survey creation process and enhances the quality of the final product by incorporating diverse perspectives.

Customization Options

Google Docs’s customizability allows users to tailor their surveys to meet specific needs. From the type of questions to the design of the survey, creators have the flexibility to make their survey as simple or as detailed as they wish. This customization extends to branding, enabling organizations to incorporate their logos and color schemes, letting users maintain brand consistency across all communications.


Preparing to Create a Survey

Understanding Survey Requirements

Before you begin your survey, make sure you have the survey’s goals and requirements clearly defined. This focus guides the type of questions to ask, the target audience, and the method of analysis. Taking time to plan the survey can significantly impact its effectiveness and the quality of the information gathered.

Creating a Survey in Google Docs

Using Google Forms for Survey Creation

Once your’re familiar with Google Docs as a platform and the unique requirements/goals of your survey, you’re ready to start using Google Forms. This is the primary tool for creating surveys with Google. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and makes the survey creation process easy from the initial setup to the final touches.

Adding Questions and Response Options

Adding questions is a straightforward process in Google Forms. Creators can choose from various question types, such as multiple choice, short answer, or scale, to best suit the information they seek. Similarly, response options can be customized to ensure that answers from participants are as informative and useful as possible.

Customizing Survey Design

Aesthetics matters! Customizing the survey’s design is all about making the survey inviting and easy to navigate for participants. Google Forms offers several customization options, including themes, colors, and the ability to add images or videos.


Sharing and Collecting Responses

Sharing the Survey Link

Once the survey is ready, it’s time to share it with participants. Google Forms generates a link that can be sent via email, embedded in a website, or shared through social media platforms. Select the method that best reaches your intended audience. 

Managing Survey Permissions

Google Forms allows creators to set access permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals can make changes or view responses. When sharing with others, be sure you have the right permissions selected.

Collecting and Analyzing Responses

As responses start coming in, Google Forms automatically organizes the data from your survey, making it easy to analyze and draw conclusions. This real-time data collection and analysis feature is the final step to help you (and your team) get the information you need to make informed decisions to boost your business.


Google Forms, hosted by Google Docs, gives survey builders a wide range of benefits, from ease of access and collaboration to customization options. By following the tips outlined above, users can gather valuable information through their Google Docs surveys to help them make informed decisions. The key to effective survey creation and distribution lies in clear planning, thoughtful question design, and strategic sharing.



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