7 Best SEO Content Writing Tools

by | March 03, 2023

Are you trying to get your page ranking on the search results, but aren’t quite sure how to get it there? One of the most important steps to achieving the results you want is having the right tools for the job. SEO Content writing tools improve your keyword research and content optimization. It helps you create content that is optimized for search engines and engages your target audience. To help you find the perfect tool for your needs, we’ve put together this guide of 7 of our favorite SEO content writing tools. Keep reading to discover what works for you!

Best All-In-One Tools

SemRush Writing Assistant

The SemRush writing assistant is a great all-around tool designed to help you create content that will serve your audience and perform well in the search results. This tool can help you write more efficient content by breaking down your content and assigning it a value based on SEO, originality, tone of voice, and readability. This means you’re ensuring you are writing high-quality content your audience will enjoy, but will also rank well on search engines.

This tool doesn’t stop there, however. It also scans the pages in the search results ahead of you and is able to provide recommendations on new content, and how to optimize existing content. One of the best things about SemRish writing assistant is that it connects to Google to provide real data so you understand the content suggestions and how they will help you reach your goals. If SemRush seems like the tool you’d like to use it does require an account and payment, though there is a free trial to get you started.

Cost: A pro account starts at $119.95 per month, a Guru account starts at $229.95 per month, and a business account starts at $449.95 per month.  

Yoast is an SEO plugin designed for WordPress. Coincidentally, WordPress is among the most popular content management services available, and Yoast is among its most popular plugins, making it one of the most widely used SEO plugins available. Yoast is another example of a universal tool that works great, especially for those just beginning to dip their toes into the world of digital marketing and SEO. The Yoast plugin allows you to target specific keywords through a content optimization tool. This tool also features a readability analysis, SEO analysis, and a Google preview. Yoast also covers some of the more technical aspects of SEO including meta descriptions, schema, and 301 redirects.

Cost: To get started on Yoast is just as easy to use, as starting out there is a free option available, while the pro version will run you a one-time fee of $99.

Best for Writing


If you’re looking for help with your writing specifically Grammarly is a great tool for that exact thing. While this may not help with SEO directly, it will help you hone your content and writing skills to ensure you are providing your audience with the best content possible. Grammarly’s main function is to analyze you’re writing and help you identify and fix grammatical errors in your writing. This includes weird syntax, spelling errors, and incorrect punctuation. Anything that might get in the way of an enjoyable experience, Grammarly will help identify and remove. It also has a plagiarism checker so you can rest easy knowing your content is fully original. Grammarly is a Chrome extension which means it will work on any piece of content you write in your browser. Google docs, WordPress, emails, any of it. It’s a versatile tool that can elevate your content.

Cost: If you’re looking to use Grammarly you can get started for free! Of course, there are more premium versions that include a pro and business version for $12 and $15 a month respectively. 

Another great word to level up your writing is Frase. While Grammarly is more focused on the grammar of your content, Frase focuses on helping you create content from the top down. This is an AI-powered tool that provides subheaders, and sections for you to use, as well as potential secondary keywords. All you need to do is provide your keyword and the tool does the rest. It analyzes the other sites in the search results and provides you with a content brief to help guide your content creation. More recently, they’ve even created an AI-powered copywriting solution. Frase can help you along every part of the content creation process.

Cost: To get started with Frase there are three different paid options. The first is a solo option starting at $14.99 a month. Second is their basic option starting at $44.99 a month, and finally, a business option starting at $114.99 a month.

Keyword density checker is designed to help you determine how many times a specific keyword is included in a piece of content you’ve written. This helps prevent things like keyword stuffing. If you don’t know what keyword stuffing is, it is essentially the practice of putting too many of one keyword into an article. If you’re new to SEO, it makes sense that adding a keyword as many times as possible will probably help you. However, search algorithms prioritize how helpful a piece of content is, not just how many times it says a specific keyword. So keyword stuffing can actually harms your content in the long run. With the keyword density checker, you can make sure you fall within the average without harming your SEO potential.

Cost: To use keyword density checker you can get started for free. However, there are basic, standard, and company subscriptions available for $12 a month, $27 a month, and $50 a month. 

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a tool that provides a bit more than some other SEO-specific tools and helps guide the content you’re writing. The main function of Surfer SEO is to help you edit and optimize your piece for SEO success. The way it does this is by analyzing the top results and then providing specific suggestions for how you can improve your content to start ranking at the top. This includes basic optimization tips, but also things like which keywords you should include, how long a piece should be, and what information should be included in it. All of this will help increase your organic rating and visibility. Additionally, Surfer SEO is compatible with a lot of the places you may already be working such as Google Docs, WordPress, and Jasper.

Cost: Surfer SEO has a basic plan that is $59 a month or $49 a month if you pay annually, a pro plan that is $119 a month or $99 if you pay annually, and a business plan that is $239 a month or $199 a month if you pay annually. 


The BuzzSumo tool is mostly focused on helping you find the correct keywords with the most SEO value for you, rather than trying to help you write your content. BuzzSumo analyzes many different platforms to help you understand what kind of content people are sharing in relation to the keyword you are targeting. This tool can also help you generate thousands of potential keywords with monthly search volume, cost-per-click, and search trends. With all this information you can more accurately create content that follows trends, is relevant to your industry, and is interesting to your audience.  BuzzSumo features an incredible amount of subscription options that will hopefully fit anyone’s needs.

Cost: They are a basic plan starting at $119/month or $95/month if you pay annually. A content creation plan at $249/month or $199/month if you pay annually. A PR & comms plan at $249/month or $199/month if you pay annually. A suite plan at $399/month or $319/month if you pay annually. Finally, they offer an enterprise plan starting at $999/month. 


Using SEO content writing tools can help you optimize your content writing for search engines and help engage your audience. BASE search marketing can help you write your content with our briefs or new content, or we offer content optimizations to improve your SERP ranking!




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