Our Process

The Method to Our Madness

Effective link-building services depend on effective link-building processes. In order to provide you with the kind of white-hat link building that boosts your site rankings, we’ve developed tried-and-true link-building strategies that never fail to connect our clients to authoritative, respectable sites.

How do we do that? Well, let’s take a look.



Customize Campaign

We start by working closely with our client. The client selects a webpage that they would like to see climb through the search rankings, and they give us a keyword that they want to target.



Create Original Content

Next, we get to work on creating custom content relevant to the keyword. Why? Well, in order to get that page ranking up there with the big dogs, we need to be able to establish backlinks from authoritative sites. We provide our partnering sites with one of a kind high-quality content, written by real experts across a variety of subjects.




Once the content is finished, we turn our attention towards outreach. Relying on a robust network of reliable partnerships, we personally contact various authoritative sites (such as news outlets, key influencers, and respected bloggers) and hook them up with content they can actually use. By guest posting on these sites, we can make sure that everyone gets something out of the deal.




As the content is published on our partnership sites, the links go live and start funneling some of that sweet, sweet authority back to our clients. Of course, that doesn’t mean that our work is done. BASE makes sure to keep an eye on everything by providing up-to-date reporting on all links. If there’s ever a problem, we identify and correct it immediately.

BASE: Fast Turnaround & Quality Links

From start to finish, our entire process takes about 30 business days. Just to reiterate: That’s basically only one month standing between you and improved search-engine rankings.

Unlike other link-building services, BASE never takes the easy way out. No matter your industry, no matter your niche, BASE will work hard to build you the kind of custom links that make search engines sit up and take notice.

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