Shine Cosmetics

Shine Cosmetics is a women-owned and operated business offering high-quality makeup at affordable prices for the everyday woman. Shine Cosmetics is aimed at empowering women from all around the world feel beautiful both inside and out.

Shine is an avid supporter of local causes and continually seeks to do good and lift others wherever possible.


Increase in new users to core product pages (lip gloss, concealer, etc.)


Increase in conversions on the lip gloss page


Increase in revenue from the previous month


Knowing the beauty industry to be an ultra-competitive, billion-dollar market, Shine Cosmetics needed to expand its marketing strategy beyond high-bid digital advertising to include organic traffic increases through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Focusing on Shine Cosmetics’ most important product pages, BASE optimized for keywords such as “lip gloss” and “lip lacquer” increasing the likelihood of their pages ranking organically on Google.

BASE made few, but essential technical changes to the website; built highly authoritative backlinks to the blog and product pages, and using proprietary semantic analysis, optimized the content on these core product pages.


In less than 60 days, there was a 42% increase in new users on their lip gloss page. This increase in traffic led to a 64% increase in conversions on their lip gloss page, and overall a 200% increase in revenue from their previous month.

All from organic traffic!

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—VP at Shine Cosmetics