First Watch

Founded in 1984, First Watch is an American restaurant chain with 300+ locations nationwide. The name First Watch is a nautical reference to the first work shift aboard a ship as First Watch restaurants are only for breakfast and lunch.


Increase in site-wide organic traffic


Increase in organic revenue


Having recently launched and acquired over 300 new locations, First Watch needed to increase its organic traffic to each of its individual restaurants. Scaling advertising efforts to all 300+ locations would be far too expensive and First Watch knew they needed to capitalize on local searches.


BASE started performing batched optimizations of 10 locations at a time. The optimizations included enhancing individual Google My Business accounts, improving content on each location page, and increasing individual business mentions (citations).


In just 3 months, First Watch saw a 12.97% increase in site wide organic traffic as well as a 60.68% increase in organic revenue.

All from organic traffic!

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