Christensen Law

Christensen Law is a small firm located in Salt Lake City, UT. They help families dealing with child custody, child support, and other family matters.


Boost in site traffic


Increase in conversions/ leads

+ Attorneys

were hired to help manage all the new leads they were getting


Although Christensen law provided exceptional service in and out of the courtroom, they had no marketing department and no way of reaching a wider audience. Relying on non-digital solutions, they were only bringing in about 15-30 leads per month. With their goal to triple the size of their business, Christensen law needed the help of BASE.


Since Christensen Law had changed locations so many times, Google had no idea where they were located causing them to be invisible for many potential customers. Since accurate and consistent listings also help boost a business’s website in search rankings, BASE started cleaning up Christensen Law’s citations. BASE removed duplicates and ensured that mentions of Christensen Law’s business name, address, phone number, and website were consistent and accurate throughout all the local listings.


With the local listings now funneling qualified leads to the site, and Google finally including the Christensen law site among its results, things turned around fast. Site traffic picked up significantly, with a 316% boost (and that doesn’t even take into account traffic from referral sites and local review platforms like Yelp and Avvo).

And because more traffic doesn’t necessarily mean more revenue, it’s also worth noting that Christensen Law saw a 168% increase in conversions. That’s an impressive step towards their goal of tripling their business. Within 6 months of working with BASE, Christensen Law had to hire additional attorneys just to manage all of the new leads. All with the help of Local SEO!

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