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BASE Academy covers everything from on- and off-page SEO strategy to implementation. The in-depth guide, downloadable resources, and convenient video format make applying what you learn simple. Enroll and start boosting your rankings today.

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Why We Made This


BASE Academy cuts through garbage SEO practices and pulls back the curtain on the mechanics of successful link building strategy and execution. After this 4-hour course, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Run keyword research the way award-winning agencies do.
  • Prospect websites for authoritative guest posting sites.
  • Optimize landing pages for page one rankings.
  • Create custom link building campaigns.
  • Build a system based on analytics that guarantees success.

What Does it Cover?


BASE Academy expounds on our detailed Link Building Guide. Each chapter covers a topic in-depth with a how-to video and downloadable content that gives you the tools needed to apply the knowledge to your own company and clients.

With consistent 5-star ratings and comments like, “clear, concise explanation of link-building strategies, content audit, and a solid foundation of knowledge from which to build.” and, “The most beneficial part of the course was learning exactly how to find sites from which to secure links.” BASE Academy gives you all the tools to take your link building to the next level.

Who is it For?


In-house teams and agencies use BASE Academy to train new link-builders and SEOs. Upon completion, new employees know how to formulate individualized link building strategies, find authoritative websites, and get backlinks through guest posting and broken link building. The techniques taught are evergreen and will continue to be useful as you hire and train new employees.